Social Media Notes B2B Basecamp: Various Stuff

Microsoft, Friendship Heights
Jan 12, 2012 B2B Basecamp

RADIAN 6 Presentation very poor and disorganized
Engagements and Impressions are the most important social media metrics. Forget Follower count, etc. Must drive to be the most influential in your field. Be the LEADER/EXPERT.

“Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid” – John Wayne

Cannot be talking about yourself on social media. Must talk to your audience. Take a “social community with a manager” position.

Use LinkedIn Navigator.
A LinkedIn connection is 4x more influential over a cold call

Susan Kuhn
Met Susan. She is “Social Media Manager, Small Business Marketing Expert, Socialmedia Pro, SEO, Content Manager, E-Mail Marketing”  with specific expertise in non-profits. Great resource.

Beth Kanter and
Susan Kuhn recommended I follow Beth Kanter for suggestions on non-profit social media. the blog and her web site are great. SHE EVEN POSTS HER PRESENTATIONS for you to pull content for promoting your own social cause. A true believer in Marcus’ Stevens open content rules.


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