Social Media Disrupting Non-Profit Fundraising in Unexpected Ways


The Permanent Disruption of  Social Media by Julie Dixon and Denise Keyes is an excellent article on how social media has not turned non-profit fundraising upside down, but has had an impact none the less. And in unexpected ways.  Social Media according to the authors  provides the means for organizations to leverage their supporters’ social networks in ways beneficial to the non-profit.

My volunteer work with non-profits through the Taproot Foundation is flooding me with overlapping donation requests, time wasting emails, tweets and FB postings – a total overload of communications to someone who wants to help and give.  This never happened in the old days. Back then the charities my wife and I supported  knew our donation level and types of volunteering activities. They limited contact accordingly. They had us pegged, or in today’s lingo “segmented”.

The article’s chart shows how today’s sophisticated non-profits look at supporters’ INVOLVEMENT and INFLUENCE as a grid.


The article suggests the largest social media opportunity for non-profits is   to identify supporters with large social networks of their own that the non-profit can then leverage.  The simplest example is  small donors can have big impact on a fundraising campaign just by forwarding the request to people in their own network.

Unfortunately the article missed the opportunity to relate this to current best practices in lead generation used by private industry, especially Eloqua’s approach to managing prospective buyers.

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