10 Easy Ways to Connect

Spent last week at an alumni event for U of Chicago. It was a very good day long session on skills for soliciting fellow alums to participate in school events and donate money. Here are the TEN tips given to make networking easy:

#1 Go to events of common interest. Meetup.coms, museum events, sports events.

#2. SHOW UP EARLY at events!! Never arrive on time or late. Your best Face 2 Face time is 30 to 10 minutes before events start.

#3 Share your passion for causes, music, hobbies to connect with people.

#4 Remember what you have in common and do some homework. I look up other attendees on LinkedIn or the meetup “also attending” roster for backgrounds I find interesting.

#5 Reconnect with people you know now and knew in previous jobs, schools, cities.

#6 Take time for a Face to Face cup of coffee. Nothing replaces F2F.

#7 Create your own roundtable group of monthly meetings. Make the location interesting to draw people.

#8 Engage in an on-line community.

#9 Use your alumni office to find nearby old classmates and LinkedIn for old office mates.

#10 Allows follow up and say thanks for getting together



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