B2B Sales/Mkt from B2B Basecamp: Shawn Cook

((CARL: Eloqua has an on-line  certification program http://www.eloqua.com/services/education/
Eloqua was purchased by Oracle at the end of 2012)

Microsoft, Friendship Heights
Jan 12, 2012 B2B Basecamp


This was an excellent sales pitch to use Eloqua consulting services. Shawn had good content on how the Salesman/Buyer relationship has changed since I started my career back in the 1980s.

Most cost effective way to increase sales revenue is to drive customer retention rates. at 5% increase in customer retention will give 95% profit growth.

Marketing Lead > Salesforce Call > Single Buyer

Buyer looks for information on-line. Knows 57% of what he is seeking before contacting three firms to get quotes. Will then seek a consensus with the other buyers rather than make own decision. 80% of B2B purchases start with Google search.

Companies complain sales cycle is now 22% longer time wise. No longer one buyer making the decision, but a team. Yet buyers will say their process is 70% faster than before. Buyers are self-educating.


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