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Web Tips from B2B Basecamp: Marcus Sheridan

Microsoft, Friendship Heights
Jan 12, 2012
This was my first B2B Basecamp MeetUp. Shardul Metha recommended it as a great start in the basecamp method.  It was both fun and informative, also a great way to network in the field. While  the individual  seminars maybe hit or miss, the entire event is great.

MARCUS SHERIDAN, Keynote Speaker
Marcus is the sales lion.  Enthusiasm, warmth and irradiating energy. Started presentation asking how do you in the audience receive a presenter’s message. Great way to make audience receptive to your talk by making listeners realize how much they censor what they hear:
#1 Type:  this will make sense to me, I will try to use what I hear
#2 Type:  Not for me! Doesn’t apply.

(Marcus is a great presenter. You can see his years of sales experience in how he handles the crowd.  He asks specific members in the audience their opinion and thoughts on his slides as he builds his argument rather than says he big idea himself. )

Marcus’s Golden Rule for web: “They Ask, You Answer”
We ignore the most important questions our web site visitor’s ask. Typical website only answers 15 to 20 visitor questions. Visitors have 80 to 100 questions in their mind when they go on your site.
Web surfers growing increasing impatient with the internet. We don’t go to the 2nd page of a Google search anymore. We will redo the search terms instead. (Carl: This made me realize we have become even more dependent on how Google predetermines what we see first). It is imperative your web site shows up in the first Google search result pages. The best way to do this: ANSWER THE QUESTIONS you target customers type into Google.

Marcus is in the pool installation business. His potential customers ask the same questions about swimming pools as any other company’s product or service:

1. PRICE: How much will it cost?
2. BEST: What is the best brand, product, service provider?
3. PROBLEMS: What are the most likely, largest problems I will face?
4. COMPARISONS: How to competitive
Create content in your web site addressing each of the above questions so the Google search results list YOU.

1. PRICE: have an article “This is how much a xxxxx costs”. You do not actually give a cost, just address the cost issue.

2. BEST: Have a web page of who you consider the best competitor products or services in your area. Take clippings from their web sites for content. Start page with. “We at zzzzz consider the following among the best in this region.” Do not list yourself. The reader is already in your web site! no need. Please note the most common Google search is “Who are the best ….. in ……”

3. PROBLEMS: Be upfront. this is a disarmament tactic. Gain trust from public by telling the truth.

4. COMPARISONS: Again be truthful, lift copy exactly from competitor sites, even show the sites as the source. Goal is to be the LEADER/EXPERT in this field.

Create your own awards to post on site! Give to supplies and competitors. You will be surprised how they will in turn post these on there site!

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